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The American Library Association has included Bright Balkan Morning in the 2003 edition of University Press Books Selected for Public and Secondary School Libraries.

Bright Balkan Morning was awarded both a "G" and an "S"

G(General Audience): "Books with a wide appeal and/or an expectation of lasting importance."

S(Special Interest): "Highly recommended for libraries with in-depth collections in the book's particular subject."

Do you teach courses in

ethnomusicology, folklore, oral history, art and society,
anthropology, sociology, field methods, cultural studies,
class and caste, race/class/gender, identity/hybridity,
Balkan/Greek history, or photography?

Bright Balkan Morning can provide you with a multi-sensory, interdisciplinary, and just plain beautiful text that is useful for introductory and advanced courses alike.

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