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Bright Balkan Morning

Romani Lives and the Power of Music in Greek Macedonia

From the afterword:

"Dancing bodies, wrestling bodies, parading bodies, celebrating bodies in Greek Macedonian times and places require the support of the instruments. By not calling themselves musicians or artists, and by taking the role of instrument players or craftsmen who follow rules and take all requests, the Roma maintain a rich, diverse tradition of table songs and tunes for Balkan dance genres that can include everyone within earshot, everyone located in this time and place.

And so we thank the instruments, and we honor all those Romani families and friends who have picked them up, played them, and kept a mix of traditions and peoples alive.  Settled as full citizens and serving surrounding communities with their crafts, these ever-present Gypsies, bearers of both dark histories and bright hopes, deserve our understanding, support, and emulation if the world is to become a joint stock company in all meridians."


Photographs by
Dick Blau

Text by
Angeliki Vellou Keil
Charles Keil

Soundscape by
Steven Feld